Selected Fiction

“Vecinos” Pinball. May 2016.
“Fingerless Gloves” CHEAP POP. March 2016.
“Birthday” (Reprint) The Guardian. January 2016.
“Birthday” Tin House Open Bar. January 2016.
“Harness” Pithead Chapel. January 2016.
“Interstate” Spartan. Summer 2015.
“The House that Griffey Built” New Ohio Review. Spring 2015.
“Busboy” Pacifica Literary Review. January 2015.
“Koji Kondo in Trinidad” Mixtape Methodology. October 2014.
“Ramadan” Washington Square Review. Summer/Fall 2014.
“Phantom Limb” Five Chapters. 2014.
“The Kingdom of Deer” decomP. February 2014.
“Lucky & Wild” Sundog Lit. September 2013.
“In Bloom” -ality. January 2012.

Selected Non-Fiction

“Machine Language” Ploughshares. December 2016.
“Feed Yourself: Jonathan Gold’s ‘A Neighborhood Just West of Downtown” Ploughshares. December 2016.
“11 Thoughts about the Internet and Mike Meginnis’s ‘Angband, or his 55 Desires”
Ploughshares. October 2016.
“Building a Writing Community in the Woods” Ploughshares. September 2016.
“Nothing more Punk than Poetry: The DIY Lit Scene” Ploughshares. August 2016.
“Nooks and Tributaries: Literary Journals in the Real World” Ploughshares. June 2016.
“Inferno: Reading Eileen Myles in Las Vegas” Ploughshares. May 2016.
“Shelf Aware Machines” Ploughshares. March 2016.
“The Deep Wound: On Matt Bell’s Baldur’s Gate II and Literary Gamers” Los Angeles Review of Books. March 2016.
“The Fireworks are Fireworks: Michael Chabon’s Joyful Sentences” Ploughshares. February 2016.
“People Like You — Review” Heavy Feather Review. January 2016.
“The Starkness of Video Games: An Interview with Brian Oliu” Lettered Streets Press Blog. August 2014.
“EarthBound by Ken Baumann — Review” The Collagist. February 2014.
“Review: ‘Last Call in the City of Bridges’ By Salvatore Pane” Barnstorm. March 2013.
“Level End by Brian Oliu — Review” The Collagist. July 2012.
“So You Know It’s Me by Brian Oliu (A Review By Ian Denning)” PANK Magazine blog. June 2011.
“Look! Look! Feathers by Mike Young — Review” Mid-American Review. Volume XXXI Number 2.

Editing & Curation

Seattle Fiction Federation. Co-founder and co-curator. Winter 2015 – present
Pacifica Literary Review. Fiction editor. Winter 2015 – present
Continue? The Boss Fight Books Anthology. Co-curator. January 2015.
Afternoon Lit Break. Reading curator. May 2014
beep boop: an offsite AWP reading of writers writing about video games. Reading curator. February 2014
Lettered Streets Press. Fiction editor. Fall 2013 – present
Barnstorm. Fiction editor. Fall 2010 – Spring 2011
The Bellingham Review. Fiction editor. Fall 2008 – Spring 2009